How the Mars Compass Helps Us Navigate Our Path Forward

Mars has been a family-owned business for over a century. Like any business, we set measures to track our progress. But unlike just any business, we are a company owned across generations who thinks in generations. We guide ourselves by The Five Principles, and firmly believe what has made us successful is more than just thinking about the bottom line. A business model that focuses exclusively on financial performance is not sustainable or desirable.


We haven’t historically shared our point of view on how we measure the success of our business, which has?evolved over the years. But today’s world calls for a change. We believe in business as a power for good and we’re committed to doing our part. For 125,000 Mars Associates, the world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today.

So, in 2018, the Family introduced the Mars Compass to ensure we’re heading in the right direction.

“The Compass outlines the shareholder objectives for Mars, Incorporated, laying out the Family’s expectations for what responsible business can and should do. I believe that performance without purpose isn’t meaningful, and that purpose without performance isn’t possible.”

– Grant F. Reid, OOP and CEO, Mars, Incorporated ?

As both a principles and purpose-driven business, we’re focused on making choices that help us achieve near-term results without compromising on the world we want tomorrow.

Our Compass is a set of objectives as well as a philosophical approach. It has four quadrants which both guide our long-term strategy and measure our progress against medium term and day-to-day decisions. They are:

Financial performance

Top-tier performance that gives us the freedom to create the world we want tomorrow

Quality growth

Momentum and growth in our brands and categories, and the exploration of new opportunities, to help us grow for the next 100 years

Positive societal impact

Our commitment to helping people, their pets and the planet thrive, which in part we’re working to deliver through?our Sustainable in a Generation Plan

Trusted Partner

The response we see from stakeholders on how we are living up to our commitments and their expectations of Mars as a business

“A sailing ship with a clear destination in mind, can only plot a course, successfully navigate the wind and the currents, and avoid the rocks if it has a trusted captain, a great crew, and a compass. A business is no different. Our aim with the Mars Compass is to steer us toward creating value – for society, the planet and for Mars. A compass, or any business model, that orients only toward financial performance is neither sustainable nor desirable.”

Frank Mars

Chair of the Board

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